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  1. Craig
    Craig says:

    Just fantastic, what support from the air force and the fantastic people who give so freely of their time and profession (tandem masters and camera flyers)
    Was just a buzz from the kids and supporters!
    Thanks all for making it just a perfect day :)

  2. Paul Aston
    Paul Aston says:

    You all are just the absolute best!SIMPLY OUTSTANDING ALL OF YOU!Right now you sleep(well deserved) Sunday a.m NZ .Norway its the early evening.Empower Katring (climbing) promises to support and deliver NZ dollars towards Jumpstart 2013..enjoy your coffee…coffees…see you all on the ramp THE HERC 2013..ROCK ON!Norsk and Svensk kroner in your direction thru 2012/13,ready for..Jumpstart 2013.Jumpstart?..Jumpstart the experiance of being alive!

  3. Noah LT
    Noah LT says:

    Had the weekend Ill will NEVER forget!
    I jumped out of an C130 Hercules aircraft at 10,000 ft and during take off I got to STAND in the cockpit right behind the pilot!!!
    Thanks so much to Tony (my tandem master) and Lottie (person taking footage of me so I will have something to look at to remember it by)!
    And thanks to everyone that made it possible especially Tim Fastnedge and Lars :)
    All you people are so kind and generous, your simply the best!
    I got to do this with some amazing CanTeen people, you guys are just CanTeen-rrific (a cooler kind of SUPER).
    And got to catch up with Laura Fastnedge, amazing!

    Noah LT

  4. Pete Head
    Pete Head says:

    You Canteeners are AMAZINGLY inspirational and brave souls!! So cool we could all have this great day! cheers Pete

  5. Nick Kosoof
    Nick Kosoof says:

    Tim ,
    congratulations to you ,Lars and your team , jump Start another great successful , i really enjoy seeing the Canteen and Project K kids enjoying themselves , their smiles (and family )are priceless ,…RNZAF again magnificent, and fully committed to a successful day
    and you couldn’t have a better CSO than Andy whose calm communicative skills make things go smoothly , the Tandem and Camera guys pleasantly worked really hard .
    Sorry i had to leave early to another commitment that day , ..
    regards nick

  6. Jane Edwards
    Jane Edwards says:

    Well what a day it was! Perfect in every way.
    Thank you once again for all that you do – all of you – to create this amazing once in a lifetime day for our young people. Words never seem enough really – but I’m sure you know how much it means to us all.

    You and the team are very special people. Thank you.
    Jane Edwards (Foundation for Youth Development Waitakere)

  7. Kim Voon
    Kim Voon says:

    Hey guys,

    I just wanted to say thanks for such a fantastic day. I was lucky enough to be an observer on one of the flights while my mentee Dylan jumped, I’ve never seen him so excited or nervous.

    For me, just being in the Hercules was amazing, I’ll never forget it.

    Thanks again!!
    Project K Mentor to Dylan

  8. Pam Hayes & Selina Paneta
    Pam Hayes & Selina Paneta says:

    I am a mentor for Project K and my mentee Selina was the recipient of this awesome project on May 5th. I wasn’t able to be there but Altrusan Nina Parry went in my place. Selina is still buzzing about her experience. She said her Jump Master CJ and photographer were awesome – so supportive. Even though she was scared and excited at the same time they just kept her focused for her thrill of a lifetime. If you knew Selina you wouldn’t recognise what this experience has done for her. Thank you so much for this incredible opportunity You are all amazing.
    Pam Hayes (Project K Waitakere Mentor)

  9. Dylan Hannett
    Dylan Hannett says:

    I would like say thanks for the opportunity you gave for me for the jump. i liked every bit i was in the air and i appreciate the skydivers time they spent on this experience and yeah just thanks.


  10. Rosemary hassan
    Rosemary hassan says:

    OMGosh! So many people behind the scenes making this absolutely awesome day for our children. What amazing weather, couldn’t have been better. Thank you Tim, Larse and your team for your selfless, unconditional love and commitment to making a difference to the kids of New Zealand.
    I was an observer on the plane, that too was an exhilarating experience. I look forward to encouraging and spreading the word so that this event may continue! Thank you again X

    Rosemary Hassan
    Foundation for Youth Development, Project K mentor for Israel.

    Ps can’t wait to see the video and photos.

  11. Erin McKenna
    Erin McKenna says:

    I have heard nothing but fantastic things about the day from Project K students, mentors, parents and teachers. I was unable to attend on the day but from everyone who was there or has been told about it sounded absolutely amazing. Thank you so much Tim, Lars and the Jump Start Team for all your hard work putting it together. Thanks also to the Tandem Masters and Camera Crew for making the experience such a memorable one for our students.
    Thanks again
    Erin (Project K North Shore)

  12. Tyson Taurere
    Tyson Taurere says:

    It was the best weekend I have ever had, an unforgettable experience that I’ll never ever forget. Massive thanks to Jumpstart, Project K, my Tandem Master – CJ and the camera man.
    Tyson, Project K-er

  13. Graeme Dingle
    Graeme Dingle says:

    Hi Tim and Lars

    I just wanted to say a huge thanks to both of you for your part in enabling so many kids to have the buzz of their lives through Jumpstart. I’m sure, like me, you both remember your first big thrill like the one that so many Canteen and Project K kids have now experienced – it will be an important part of their development.

    Many thanks – your efforts are really appreciated by us at FYD.

    Kind regards,

    Graeme Dingle
    Executive Trustee
    Foundation for Youth Development

  14. Nic Goodman
    Nic Goodman says:

    To the Amazing Team @ Jump Start

    Thank you so much for the life changing opportunity you have given not only our Project K students from Hawke’s Bay, but all the kids who got to jump this year. Of the 4 students who drove up from Hawke’s Bay for 3 of them it was their first time in a plane – & they jumped out of it! I wish I could have been there to see their faces. One of their comments was “It made me realise I can do anything if I just believe and put my mind to it”. It has also inspired our Trustee – who went along to support the kids – to do a tandem skydive…

    Caleb Kabir, one of our 2011 Jump Start students was awarded the Hastings District Council Youth Potential Ambassador Award last night. In his speech he said that his Jump Start experience “gave me the last push of courage to fully change who I am…….jumping out of that plane boosted my courage 10 fold. I would not have had the guts to do this speech in front of all of you if it wasn’t for that jump”.

    You guys are making a huge difference to the kids who are given this opportunity & not just in the short term.

    Thank you from the team at FYD Hawke’s Bay!

    Nic Goodman (Regional Manager)

  15. michelle fahey
    michelle fahey says:

    Thank you so much Jump start for giving me this awesome experience. I had a ball and cant wait to do it again. I tried something which i never thought i would. This experience was awesome and i still cant believe that i jumped out of a Hercules from 10 thousand feet.

    I am extremely thankful for this opportunity. You guys have made so much differences in teenagers life’s and i am proud to say that i am one of those teens.. This experience definitely made me think that i am capable of doing anything if i just put my mind to it. Jumping out of that plane was like having a life changing experience.

    You’s have really inspired me to pursue my career being a tandem instructor and just living my life to the extreme :)

    Once again thank you so much for offering this opportunity, and also another big thanks to all our supporters . Nic Goodman, Rory, Dave, my whanau, Beth Te Kiri and everyone else that has supported me/Us. Man i love you guys :) lol

    Michelle Fahey- Student at Flaxmere College (Project K)

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