Hi everyone,

I am very pleased to advise that we have completed this year’s event !!

Despite the set back with the unavailability of the Hercules,  we have managed to complete Jump Start 2013 in record time  !!

Special thanks to everyone at every level !

Jump Start 2013 Video Image
Thanks to the professional people in the New Zealand sports and commercial skydiving sector, we have managed to complete this years event at Skydive Auckland by 1pm!!!, including two holds  ! Truly outstanding stuff.

Thanks to all of you , 50 kids went home very very happy. We are doing amazing things for our youth.

Lars and I look forward to working with you all at Jump Start 2014  !!!!

Best regards,
Tim Fastnedge

Lars Bojsen-Moller

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  1. Jane Edwards
    Jane Edwards says:

    What a weekend! Jump Start number 7! It is hard to imagine a more dedicated team of people who genuinly want to make a difference to the lives of young people. It is amazing how much you are able to achieve – on a good day – let alone to find out the afternoon before the event that you have no aircraft! But there is no giving up with these huge hearted people – they found an aircraft and an airfield and pulled the whole thing together – with a huge smile. It was an incredible day and you are truly incredible people. On behalf of all the Project K students and the FYD family – THANK YOU. Jane Edwards

  2. John Lambert
    John Lambert says:

    Thank you so much for the incredible experience that you provided for the FYD students. I am so proud of what has been achieved this year and the experience that you have provided is definitely the highlight of the year.

    Making a difference in the community in the way that you do is a great credit to all the people involved. Once again my heartfelt thanks

    John Lambert

  3. Sean Bishop
    Sean Bishop says:

    What a day.. Such a great bunch of guys and girls. This is one event that the students will never forget.

    The event shouldn’t have even gone ahead but these guys don’t know the meaning of the word “Fail” they just improvise, adapt and overcome.. We are extremely lucky.

    Thank you to everyone involved from the organisers to the guys on the sausage sizzle… Awesome Job..

    Sean Bishop

  4. Rosemary Hassan
    Rosemary Hassan says:

    OMGosh! This is my second year to witness Jump Start in all its GLORY! “There’s nothing quite so nice as hearing a baby chuckle – especially yours” That’s what I used to think. Well these days I think its amongst the nicest things to hear.

    Having been a mum of several teenagers, I can say that teenagers aged between 15yrs and 18yrs, who are dealt with a different hand of life’s challenges as well as the natural challenges of “finding out who they are” (adolescence), well, hearing them chuckle, seeing them beam, seeing the exhilaration running through their veins, seeing them search for the eyes of their mum, dad, guardian, mates and peers wanting to share their buzz from having jumped out of a plane – Well, it’s right up there amongst the nicest things to hear, see and share.

    Tim and Lars, you are legends! Tony from Sky Dive Auckland and your team, legends and the amazing drop zone supporters from all over the country and even outside of the Country (OZ), really you are tops! You are responsible for the experience of a life time event that so easily could have turned into a non event. With no time to lose, lots of effort and I’ve no doubt cost, you managed to bring it all together for a successful Jump Start 2013!

    I concur with others when they talk about you making a difference in the lives of our young ones – and talking from a Foundation for Youth Development perspective have first hand experience of this with my mentee having jumping last year. Confidence levels rocket and they are left thinking “what else could I do?” “What else is out there?” “The world is waiting for me to happen, not me waiting for the world”. Thank you guys, you rock!

    Rosemary Hassan – FYD Auckland.

  5. Kellie
    Kellie says:

    Wow what an experience! Thank you so much to everyone that made this jump possible, thanks to the jump masters that gave up their time and guided us through the jump safely, thank you heaps to the organisers who worked hard to find us a new venue and aeroplane. This is an experience i will always remember and one that has given me confidence to take on other challenges in life.

    Kellie Mudford

  6. Giovanni Prescott
    Giovanni Prescott says:

    You guys rocked my sox off!!!
    Thanx so much to everybody that made this day possible, who gave up their time for all us teens, we really appreciate it. The jump was an amazing, once in a lifetime experience. My best experience yet!!! I will definately do it again.
    Thanx to Jump start, Project K and FYD for this opportunity,
    Peace, Giovanni Prescott

  7. Kris
    Kris says:

    A huge thank you to all those that made Jump Start 2013 such a success for all the teenagers involved on the day. Its amazing to see such commitment and dedication from all the volunteers and organisers and how seamless the day went considering the hurdles and hoops that had to happen for the day to go ahead at all.

    Jump masters you did a fantastic job of not only providing the kids with an amazing experience but you have given them confidence to step up to other challenges that will come along.

    A big heartfelt thanks on behalf of Project K

    Kris Male

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